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Vendor Booths

The BCFA welcomes organizations of all sizes to be part of the Chinese New Years Festival through sponsoring a booth on the day of the Festival. A booth at the Festival is a great way to showcase your business or organization to the local community and reach a group that might not otherwise be exposed to your message. These booths are available in 3 types for various types of organizations and thier purpose at the festival.  These types are:

  • Non-profit - These booths are specifically for not-for-profit organizations that wish to interact with the people that attend the New Year's Festival.  A qualifiying organization is one that is non-profit and non-political who wishes to educate or inform those attendind the celebration about thier cause.
  • For Profit (non-sales) - These booths are for businesses that want to showcase the products and services that they offer to prospective clients but will not actually be selling any goods at the Festival.
  • For Profit (sales) - These booths are for businesses that wish to sell their products at the Festival as a concession or direct vendor.
For the Festival, the following price schedule will be in place :
  • Non-profit - $50/table (to cover costs of cloths, coverings and drapes) (Limit 3 total)
  • For Profit (non-sales) - $150 for one table (Limit 3 total)
  • For Profit (sales) - $250 for one table, $100 for each additional table (Limit 3 total)
Click Here to Sign up for a Vendor Booth at the Chinese New Years Festival

Note: 1>The sign up would be taken down a day before Festival day. 2> No food and drink selling from booth table.

Vendor Booth Guidelines

  1. The BCFA will provide each organization with one, 96 inch x 30 inch table with folding chairs as needed (up to 3 chairs per table).  If more chairs are needed, organizations are asked to provide any above 3 that are required.  Each table will be provided with a red plastic tablecloth.  Any additional decorations are the sole responsibility of the organization. 
  2. Tables will be available for decoration or display arrangement at 9:00 a.m. the morning of the event.
  3. Each organization should make an attempt to make their display as colorful and interesting as resources allow.
  4. Organizations are encouraged to have some sort of activity at their booth that will add interest and appeal to the festival.  Childrenˇ¦s games, demonstrations of crafts, giving away of small items with China/Chinese significance, etc.
  5. All tables provided for display will be set up in an appropriate outside area as decided by the BCFA committee and assigned to organizations on a first come first served basis.  Under no circumstances may organizations move their tables/displays to other locations without prior authorization from the BCFA Display Coordinator.
  6.  Each organization must ensure that its display is properly managed during the celebration.
    1. Tables or displays must be kept in a safe, neat and orderly condition.
    2. The display must be in place the entire time of the festival, from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
    3. Each organization must provide its own volunteers except those required to set up and take down the folding table and chairs.
    4. Volunteers from displaying organizations are welcome to volunteer to assist in the general volunteer pool for the festival when they are not required at their display/exhibit.
  7. All display or exhibits must be suitable for viewing by all ages of celebration participants.
  8. The BCFA has the right to ask any organization to discontinue its display/exhibit anytime during the celebration the BCFA, as represented by any board member, deems the display/exhibit to be violating the spirit of the celebration, or causing a nuisance, safety hazard, etc.
  9. The BCFA will have no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury, etc.  The BCFA will ask each organization to sign a document accepting all responsibility for any liability relating to its display or actions of the organizations volunteers.
  10. There is limited availability of electricity both from the standpoint of outlets and amperage.  Some electric service will be available to displaying organizations.  Where available, it will be offered on a first come first served basis. Please expect to bring your own 20ˇ¦-40ˇ¦ UL certified extension cord if you will need power.
Please send questions or comments to info@bhmchinesefestival.org.