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2010 Chinese New Years Festival Art Contest
Intent of Proposal

The intent of this proposal is to request the involvement of local schools in encouraging students to create Chinese themed artwork and enter the artwork in a planned competition with prizes for the top entrants. The submitted artwork will be displayed prominently throughout the 2010 Chinese New Years Festival in Feberary, 2010.

Involvement/Level of Effort

If you choose to be involved, the level of involvement will be dependent upon the number of students that would like to participate. It is at the discretion of the administration/staff as to the level of effort and/or number of students that they would like to have involved. This is a great opportunity to do cultural development for art students. The types of artwork submitted will also be at the discretion of the individual teachers and schools (e.g. - watercolor, oil painting, pencil, etc). The BCFA will give guidelines as to the subject matter and the focus of the festival.


All submissions will need to be available to the BCFA Board of Directors no later than December 11, 2009 for judging and for preparing for display at the Festival in Feberary of 2010.

   [Download 2010 Art Contest Rules]
   [Download 2010 Art Contest Entry Form]

About the Festival

The Birmingham Chinese New Years Festival is an annual event that is organized by the Birmingham Chinese Festival Association. It's primary purpose is to celebrate one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture while creating an environment that promotes cultural exchange between the community of Chinese Nationals in Birmingham and the greater community of Birmingham.

About the Association

The BCFA is made up of local business and civic leaders and serves:

  1. To promote awareness of Chinese culture and festival traditions.
  2. To foster amicable relations within the Chinese community in the Birmingham area.
  3. To foster good relations between the local ethnic Chinese population and the Birmingham community.

2009 Contest Submission