2009-2010 Birmingham Chinese Festival Association Board

   Christopher D Howes (IBM)  E-mail Address: president@bhmchinesefestival.org
Vice President
   Ying Zhang  E-mail Address: yingz98@gmail.com
   Scotty Colson  Phone: 205-254-2872E-mail Address: Scotty.colson@ci.birmingham.al.us (Economic Development Rep, Mayor Office, City of Birmingham)

Executive Board:
   Allan Staib   E-mail Address: allan_staib@hotmail.com
   Amy Chen (2008-2009 President)  Phone: 205-257-1716E-mail Address: swachen@southernco.com
   Jianjun Fu  Phone: 205-601-4664E-mail Address: jj.fu@compassbank.com
   Scotty Colson
   Christopher D Howes  E-mail Address: president@bhmchinesefestival.org
   Christine Fox  E-mail Address: Christine.Fox@Regions.com

Board Committees:
   Entertainment Committee - Jun Xu E-mail Address: jxu@uab.edu , Jingsong Guo, Jim Reilly
   Fundraising Committee - Atticus Rominger E-mail Address: atticusrominger@bellsouth.net , Christine Fox, Ying Zhang
   PR/Marketing Committee - Atticus Rominger E-mail Address: atticusrominger@bellsouth.net , Ying Zhang, Jessica Qu,
   Volunteer Committee - Lasundra Murphy E-mail Address: lasundramurphy@hotmail.com , Ying Zhang
   Jianjun Fu Phone: 205-601-4664 E-mail Address: jj.fu@compassbank.com
   Beverage Committee - Jason Teng E-mail Address: xteng@southernco.com , Jianjun Fu
   Facilities/Floor Plan/Festival Asset Committee - Allan Staib E-mail Address: allan_staib@hotmail.com
   Vendor Booth Committee - Mary Grijalva E-mail Address: mgrijalva792@gmail.com , Lasundra Murphy, Leda Summer
   Decorations Committee Mary GrijalvaE-mail Address: mgrijalva792@gmail.com
   Art Contest Committee - Kristen Greenwood E-mail Address: kpgreenwood@artsbma.org
   Website Master - Jessica QuE-mail Address: jessica.qu@healthsouth.com
   Game & Kids Committee - Ying Fang E-mail Address: alice_fy@163.com , Yih Tsao, Mary Chen, Bo Tang
   Silent Auction/Gift Sales Committee - Anna Armada E-mail Address: anna-armada@mindspring.com , Jingqiao Yang
   Culture Committee - Jessica Qu E-mail Address: jessica.qu@healthsouth.com , Nicole Liu, Jim Reilly

Birmingham Chinese Organizations
   Birmingham Chinese Festival Association - Christopher Howes  Phone: 205-588-6962E-mail Address: president@bhmchinesefestival.org
   Birmingham Chinese Association - Leda Summer  Phone: 205-531-0457E-mail Address: ledas@leda-international.com
   Chinese American Business Assoc Birmingham -Leda Summer  Phone: 205-531-0457E-mail Address: ledas@leda-international.com
   Chinese Students and Scholars Association - Youfeng Yang  Phone: 205-887-3448E-mail Address: yangyoufeng@gmail.com
   Birmingham Chinese Professor Association - Jianhua Zhang  Phone: 205-996-5153E-mail Address: zhanja@uab.edu
   U.S. China Peoples Friendship Association - Allan Staib  Phone: 205-408-9976E-mail Address: allanstaib@power-source-usa.com
   Birmingham Sister Cities Commission - Scotty Colson  Phone: 205-254-2277E-mail Address: Scotty.colson@ci.birmingham.al.us
   Birmingham Yuren Chinese School - Kaihong Su  Phone: 205-996-4476E-mail Address: ksu@uab.edu
   Birmingham Chinese School - Shyenti Bautista  E-mail Address: shyenti@hotmail.com
   Bhm Chinese Garden and Cultral Foundation - Bob Davis  Phone: 205-903-5569E-mail Address: bdavis@bhmasianfound.org