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History & Mission


The Birmingham Chinese Festival Association began with a casual lunch conversation at a restaurant between two friends in 2005 and has developed into the largest Chinese New Year Celebration in Alabama. The idea to launch a Chinese New Year festival similar to the one held in Atlanta by taking the advantage of that Birmingham Chinese Association (BCA) had had its annual Chinese New Year celebration within Chinese community. To consolidate the resource, promote the awareness of Chinese heritage in the city of Birmingham metropolitan area, they suggested bringing the function of Birmingham Chinese Association to the city level, They thought that it would be a rallying point for local Chinese Americans and a chance for the entire Birmingham community to unite to celebrate Chinese history and culture.  This concept got the strongly supported by BCA, the Birmingham Public Library, the Birmingham Museum of Art, and local Chinese cultural institutions and organizations. The "Birmingham Chinese Festival Association" was named and Yue Li registered it at the secretary of State and recorded the articles of Birmingham Chinese Festival Association at the Probate Court of Jefferson County and Scotty Colson wrote the by-laws and facilitated the application process for the organization 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Appropriately, the first meeting was held at the Birmingham City Hall. The  president of BCA at that year, Wilma Hsu, became the president of BCFA and Dr. Chen of BCA was made vice-president, Scotty Colson was the treasurer.

The first meeting generated quite a bit of interest.   Officers were elected, committees were named and planning began for the first festival.   The next step was to secure sponsors, volunteers and implement the necessary actions to launch a successful festival.

The First Festival was held in February 2006 and began with an outdoor dragon dance and fireworks at Linn Park. The parade led people of all ages to the Birmingham Museum of Art which hosted art activities, dance and music performances, children’s film, and acrobats. The Birmingham Public Library also hosted indoor events.  The entire event was extremely successful, and well-received, bringing about 1,500 visitors to downtown Birmingham. 

The Birmingham Chinese Festival Association continues to organize this annual event at Boutwell Auditorium, with the dragon dance and parade in Linn Park and the student art exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Art.  The committee has rotated members over the years, but everyone involved is committed to advancing Chinese art and culture in Alabama. Each year, the celebration is themed around the corresponding Chinese zodiac symbol.
Be sure to join us for the Year of the Rabbit on February 19, 2011!



To promote Chinese culture, festivals and strengthen multicultural connections in metro Birmingham communities.

  1. To foster amicable relations within the Chinese community in the Birmingham area.
  2. To foster good relations between the local ethnic Chinese population and the Birmingham community.

     BCFA is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purpose including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 ?(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any federal tax code